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The Projects

A project within the ADAMS Center is the basis of the volume and value which defines the success of the ADAMS Center. Although staff engagement is important, ultimately, it’s about the number of projects - the volume - that serve as the key metric, with the goal to move projects from an idea to a measurable and potentially sharable impact - value - to health system performance. 



A snapshot of the ADAMS Center at Sheba Medical Center, launched in mid-2022. With few dedicated resources and in short time, the idea of clinicians of champions of change is becoming a reality, with significant growth in the volume of project activity. 


Ongoing projects, spanning stages from ideas to discovery to shared outside the health system 


Months of activity since ADAMS Center concept launch


"Satellites" in departments across the health system


ADAMS Center Staff


Explore more in depth overviews of projects, digging into the value - impact to quality of care, cost savings, operational efficiencies and beyond - at sites in the U.S., Canada and Israel, led by clinical teams spanning nearly all departments. 

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