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The Technology

The ADAMS Center requires clinical staff to have dynamic interaction with health system data, with tools both for analysis, potential interventions, and ongoing measurement of project activity, as well as to oversee the operations of the Center itself. Dynamic interaction with data is made possible through the identification, curation and organization of patient data in such a way that supports real-time cycles of questions and answers by end users who are not exclusively data experts. In this way, whether staff is hands on the data or not, anyone in the health system can engage in the cycles of performance improvement across all phases of a project. 


ADAMS Platform

To facilitate rapid data exploration, MDClone built its ADAMS Platform which sits atop the MDClone ADAMS Data Lake. The ADAMS Platform contains several modules to enable an end user without advanced programming skills or database knowledge - primarily those with clinical backgrounds - to dynamically ask and answer questions, and then build and monitor interventions. Like the project phases of the ADAMS Center, the ADAMS Platform is split into five parts: Ask, Discover, Act, Measure, Share.


ADAMS Data Lake

MDClone sought to build a data platform that reflected the temporal nature of medicine. MDClone’s approach is to organize data longitudinally within an ADAMS Data Lake. Within the Data Lake, data is actually stored longitudinally, not just visualized in a pre-built longitudinal environment. The idea is to capture any “event” on a patient’s timeline, organizing these events along a linear journey from birth to present day.  Any source which produces data about individuals, and any type, be it clinical, financial, social, genomic, or wearable can be included. Leveraging MDClone’s NLP Studio within the data lake, unstructured data can be ingested as well. All data is harmonized with MDClone's Semantic Engine, to ensure clinicians can engage with data in familiar terminologies.


ADAMS Center Enterprise (ACE)

ACE is the cockpit to manage all of the ADAMS Center’s activity and to provide health system leadership and Satellites updates on volume and value. ACE contains a list of all active and completed projects, including an overview of the project, the staff members involved, the phase of a project, the projected value (for active projects) and the realized value (for completed projects). The software can be configured to show customized overviews of the project activity, broken down through several filters including Satellites involved, type of intervention, or potential lives impacted. In this way, ACE provides ADAMS Center leadership new metrics of performance improvement to report and a new vocabulary when communicating internally with Satellites, individual staff members, or with health system executive leaders. Such executive leadership can utilize ACE itself, including custom views focused on metrics of particular interest, and ADAMS Center more broadly, to catalyze a data-driven learning and improvement culture.


Synthetic Data

MDClone is the world’s leading provider of synthetic data for healthcare, enabling valuable patient data to be used to improve health. By protecting privacy of patients and not compromising on utility, the synthetic data goes beyond traditional methods of de-identification and can be leveraged in cases where privacy regulations prevent broad analysis of data. With more than seven years of experience in the market, MDClone has worked with a diverse range of people and organizations, from clinicians to students, hospitals to pharma, demonstrating how synthetic data can be used to improve system operations, increase research activity, and create unique partnerships. 

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